Elkens Boot Scooten' Dixie

Dixie is one of the sweetest girls ever just like her mother Jessie and grandparents behind her. Everyone and everything is her friend

OFA hips Good, Elbows Normal.
All Clear on PRA, EIC, CM, DM & HNPK

  • CH Keepsake Cajun
  • Little River Redheaded Stranger
  • Little River Strawberry Fields
  • Oakdales Hot N Tangy At Ansar
  • Hennings Mill Hunt Club Foxy
  • Windfall's Redbuds Of Oakdale
  • Windfall's Keepsake Rosebud
  • Elkens Boot Scooten' Dixie
  • GCH CH Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive
  • CH Ghoststone Hyspire Dressed To Impress
  • CH Hyspire Ghoststone's Gloria JH
  • Elkens Dressed To Thrill
  • CH Langshott Gale Force From Kimvalley
  • Visions Glory Glory Hallelujah
  • Visions Raising Arizona