Kelleygreen's Elkens Ginger Snap

Poppy OFA, Excellent, Elbows Normal, Heart Clear by doppler, EIC Clear, PRA Clear by parentage

Poppy is a full sister to Elkens Leo

  • CH Keepsake Cajun
  • Little River Redheaded Stranger
  • Little River Strawberry Fields
  • Oakdales Hot N'Tangy At Ansar "Tanner"
  • Hemmings Mill Hunt Club Foxy
  • Windfall's Redbuds Of Oakdale
  • Windfall's Keepsake Rosebud
  • Elkens Greens Elkens Ginger Snap
  • Kelleygreens Sharp Shooter
  • Kelleygreens Arthur Plantagent
  • Kelleygreens Angela
  • Kelleygreens Rhode Island Red
  • Keepsakes Brickhouse
  • Keepsakes Victoria's Trail By Jury
  • Keepsakes Spindletree Tess