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Many Many good reasons why not to spay/neuter at 6 months of age as most vets suggest. Here is information to help you to see why as voiced by another vet and proven through years of research.

Click on link below or copy and paste in a new browser to open and watch. This is a vet letting you know why it is so important to wait to spay/neuter until at least 15 months of age.



The Art of Raising a Puppy
By The Monks of New Skete
I do like the CD version of this as
it will let you hear how to use your voice.

Family Dog
Richard Walters

Purina Pro Plan Puppy food
Chicken & Rice formula Orange label

When you first get your puppy they will be eating 3/4 cup to 1 cup of puppy food two to three times a day. You will need to put a little bit of water over the food before you feed it to the puppy. If you give it to the puppy without water the puppy can choke! Also eating dry kibble can make the puppy throw up because it is dry. Just like when we take a pill we drink water so it does not get stuck and make us choke. Putting water over the kibble makes it easier for the puppy to eat it without any problems. Make sure you increase your puppies food every week while growing. By 12 weeks should be eating 2 cups twice a day. By 15 weeks 2.5 cups twice a day.

We always send home a stuff animal that has been scented with mom and sibling's. This scented toy is for when you get him/her home to sleep with the first 2-3 days to help make the adjustment to his/her new home and family easier. At first they will think you stoled them LOL then normal to labradors that love everyone they will adjust quickly to their new home.

Puppies are not to go to parks or any place that you do not know if it is safe or not until they are 18 weeks old. Safe being safe for Parvo and other things they can get from sick animals that might of been there before. Do take them to family and friends that you know have health pets as this is a great way to continue their socialization to make them into a well round future adults.

Shampoo: Use a puppy tear free formula or baby shampoo

NuVet Vitamins Use order code #83454


Here is a harness I recommend for traveling with your puppy. Get this before you come to pick up your puppy so he/she can ride home with you safely. You can order from Amazon The brand name is Kurgo. They for $14.64 to $21.00 Get the small will grow with them to 25lbs.

Stainless steel bowls one for water and one for food

Sturdy large wire crate with divider size 36 or 42

blankets at least 3, one being used, one clean, one in wash.

Name tag: Do not put your puppies name on their dog tags instead put
REWARD your area code and phone number. This will help to insure you get your puppy/dog back. Your puppy is and will be a beautiful labrador if a bad person gets them they can easily sell them. If you have Reward on the tags you will get them back.

toys squeeky ones to play with and soft stuffed ones to sleep with and durable ones to play/chew on like Kong toys, Bully Sticks, Nylon bones

Retrieving toys like bumpers, tennis balls or frisbe these are all good to play and train your puppy to retrieve with
Dog bed get at Costco they are very nice at a great price.

Pooper scooper

Pee post is great for teaching pup where you want him to potty at

6ft leather lead thin 3/8x6 leather lead not thick, flat nylon lead or choker collar only if you know how to use a choker collar correctly!

Flea protection:
Frontline in fall and winter
Advantix spring and summer

Heart guard plus get from your vet

Nail trimmers, get quick stop just in case you clip to short and they start bleeding this will stop the bleeding.
or use a dremmel they work best

Pin brush works great at getting out loose hair

Ear cleaning solutions to keep his ears clean do twice a month. If they ever get stinky use Ear Flush each day for at least 5 days.

Tooth brush find a triple head dog tooth brush to use they are the best

No chicken treats unless you make them yourself. Go on line you can find many treats you can make for them. Remember they are babies when you first get them please give them their puppy kibble and fresh mini carrots just one or two mini carrots a day. You can give a little steamed rice in their kibble if you like. As they get older you can add new things to their food or new treats just as they are a baby keep treats limited to their puppy kibble. I always carry kibble in my pockets and treat them then they come to me when called and I use kibble when training.

They will love you everyday of their life make sure you love & care for them every moment of theirs. You are their whole world and they make our world so much better.

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Excellent source of information for many many things.

Not much is better then a
sweet baby to love