Oakdales Hot N' Tangy

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal/Clear
PRA Normal/Clear, Eyes Cerf Normal/Clear
Heart Clear through color doppler

  • Kelleygreens Kardinal
  • CH Keepsakes Cajun
  • Keepsakes I Love Lucy
  • LittleRiver Redheaded Stranger
  • CH Guildlines Master Card
  • LittleRiver Strawberry Fields
  • Kelleygreesn Cayenne
  • Oakdales Hot N' Tangy (Tanner)
  • Hennings Mill The Big Chill
  • Hennings Mill Hunt Club Foxy
  • Hennings Mill Calypso Beauty
  • WindFall's RedBuds Of Oakdale
  • CH Charway Of Maverick
  • WindFall's Keepsake RoseBud
  • Kelleygreens Lady In Red